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Ms. Guo is very excited to join the dedicated and diverse team of educators at Equitas Academy! Ms. Guo was born and raised in Connecticut where she attended the state’s university. After many summers of visiting her big brother in L.A, she realized that there was no place she would rather start her teaching career than in sunny California. Upon graduating from the University of Connecticut with her Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Education, she decided to follow her dreams and move to L.A. Ms. Guo is passionate about using the power of education to unlock her students’ potential to pursue a college degree. She is a first generation college student who is dedicated to ensuring that all scholars develop to the skills and motivation necessary to succeed throughout college. Ms. Guo grew up speaking Chinese at home and she still remembers the challenges that she faced in school as an English Language Learner, whose culture was different than her peers. Her experiences continually push her to ensure that students of all cultures feel included and have equal access to information. She is committed to helping her scholars develop a strong growth mindset, so they learn that through undergoing hard work and personal challenges, they can take control of their learning and pave their own pathway to success. Outside of the classroom, her passions include photography, hiking, music, traveling, and spending time with family.