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Zulema Ochoa Bio

This is Ms. Ochoa’s first year working at Equitas. Right from the start she loved how scholars are given high expectations and are introduced to colleges at such a young age. She found her passion working with kids after working at a daycare center and volunteering in a kindergarten class. It’s the children’s innocence, curiosity about the world, and interest when they are exposed to something new that is rewarding to Ms. Ochoa. Their bright smiles and their honesty and the questions they ask. Ms. Ochoa believes every child is and can be successful. With parents being busy with work and housework, not only does she want to provide an education, she also wants to provide support and love to those scholars. She looks forward to building a bond with her scholars and being a positive influence in their lives. Ms. Ochoa looks forward to going back to school and becoming a teacher in the near future. On her days off if she’s not working at Yogurtland you will find her writing in her journal, hanging out with close friends/family, and most likely grabbing some coffee!