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Our Building

Equitas Academy moved to our Pico location in 2012. We obtained a Conditional Use Permit from the City of Los Angeles. We detail the conditions in our attached powerpoint for your review.

Our building houses 17 classrooms, an expanded learning center, a teacher workroom, an office space, a multipurpose room, an atrium, and a playground apparatus.  
Arrival and Dismissal Plan: Elementary School
In order to ensure the safety of our students, increase the efficiency during the morning drop off and the afternoon pick up periods, and to minimize the traffic impact on the surrounding community, we are instituting the following arrival and dismissal plan for Equitas Academy Elementary School. School staff will institute this policy immediately and monitor traffic daily.
1. All vehicular pick up and drop off must occur on the south side of Pico Boulevard within the designated zone, as noted in Figure 1 on the back of this letter. Please refrain from dropping students off on Constance Street or other residential streets in the adjacent community. 
2. Vehicles must continue traveling eastbound after dropping off or picking up students. No vehicle shall turn right onto Constance Street. 
3. If you are waiting to drop off or pick up a student, please do NOT double-park and block lanes of through traffic on Pico Blvd.  We ask that you please drive around the block if no curb space is available.  No vehicles shall wait to pick up students, double-park, or block driveways on Constance Street.
4. Five parking monitors in orange vests or other distinctive attire shall be located on Pico Blvd. at drop off and pick up hours to maintain smooth ingress to and egress from the area. 
5. If your child is taking public transportation, riding a bicycle or walking to school, and needs to cross Pico Blvd., he/she needs to use either the signalized crosswalk at Union Avenue (to the east of the school) or the signalized crosswalk at Bonnie Brae Street (to the west of the school) to legally cross Pico Blvd. in a safe and secure manner. At no time should students cross Pico Blvd. outside of these clearly marked crosswalks as it is dangerous. Please ensure student pedestrian safety and avoid accidents by following this regulation.
6. If your child needs to cross Constance Street, he/she needs to cross at the intersection of Constance and Pico Blvd. where a parking monitor in an orange vest will be located. At no time should students cross Constance Street in the middle of the block as it is dangerous. Please ensure student pedestrian safety and avoid accidents by following this regulation.
As part of the city approval process, this policy must be followed and these conditions met. At the end of the year, the schools will undergo a one-year compliance review, at which point the City will determine if we have satisfactorily met the conditions. If the City determines that we have not met these conditions, then our approval can be revoked and the school may be shut down.
Violations of Policy: Any student that violates school policies will be subject to disciplinary action.  Continual violation of this policy will result in progressive discipline up to suspension and/or recommendation for expulsion. 
If you have any questions about the pick up or drop off policy, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you for your cooperation.